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Kathy Petersen, Certified Thinking Into Results Coach

Are you struggling with any of these?


Do you ever feel stuck at work? As if you're slogging away just to pay the bills, while other people are out there chasing their dreams?


Have you ever had an amazing opportunity come your way, only to hear a voice whispering "You're not good enough for this?"


Would you like to learn how to improve your self-esteem, but need encouragement, and more importantly, guidance?

Well, you have found a solution to all of this - Kathy Petersen, a certified 'Thinking Into Results' life coach, can help you on the path to success.

I'm Ready!

Is Your Authentic Self Hiding From You?

Take your journey with Kathy Petersen, a certified life coach, on her proven road map to get what you want – even in the face of adversity!

Kathy's Mission

To provide uncompromising service and care while working with my clients during their discovery by clarifying and aligning with what each wants to achieve in his or her life and career. My hope is for each client to achieve Joy, Abundance and their true Purpose in life. Read more

8 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you are frustrated & believe you should be accomplishing more in your life then take the time to answer these important life changing questions. Be in a relaxed state & answer truthfully from deep within your soul. Read more

Be More Do More Have More

Kathy unlocks the true potential of individuals, executives and businesses who want more in their daily lives – a brighter day, quantum sales, high level productivity, an amazing future and a true Purpose. Read more

The Big Picture

Read true scenarios from people who have significantly changed their lives in quantum leaps by following the Thinking Into Resultsprocess in their daily lives.Thinking Into Results coaching has literally transformed my life from night to day…Read more

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30 Minute Complimentary Consultation

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